Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Weekend in Lakes Entrance

        I had a chance to get away to Lakes Entrance in weekend and I visited one of the beautiful National Treasure that was Fairy Cave.


          My first priority was comfortable because I was a driver for whole day long. So I chose Pink track pants from Bonds( Pink is one of my favourite colour, LOL). The fabric of this pants was absolutely soft and gentle, the cut were loose to gave me 100 % comfortable. However later on, I were changed to black jeans because I have to get down to wet and cold Fairy Cave


          T-shirt were from Off Ya Tree(it was a Punk's store). It was just simple black short sleeves T-shirt with pink skull print

         Jumper from my mother, she got it for years but didn't wear it. so I just simply re-constructed by cut sleeves shorter, neckline and front hem.

  Shoes from Gucci, I love everything that gold or silver. So I had to bought when I first seen them in store.

       LOVE rings from Louissa, just gold plated costume jewellery but I love the idea of those rings. (apparently they didn't fit me right but the unique of them that I can wear them half way of my fingers, even better huh..)
  Also the Globe ring from ASOS

      Gold watch from Pierre Cardin, I got it from Bevilles Jeweller, the crystals were engraved fully on the watch that allow me for extra bling-bling.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Victor & Rolf , Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Amazing colour theme of light brown, dark brown and black gave entire collection of luxury look..
I always love the way they constructed their fur jacket and silk jumpsuit always my favourite.
Hair and make up are so elegance and sexy, dark red glossy lipstick is so Hollywood glamour...

Enjoy the show

Monday, 21 May 2012

Hood jacket, leopard t-shirt, grey denim

In wet rainy day, hood jacket always best to protect me from get wet.

* I got this jacket from MCW which is unknown brand, this jacket is not water proof but it's light and can keep me warm, the bonus point it had different colour hood that give colour balance, more interesting detail and look cool

* T-shirt from Opp Shop, I wear it inside out because the leopard print is inside.

* Grey denim from Black Friday, super tight, I'm struggling to move in it LOL ( well I do everything for fashion). Bonus point for this jeans is the embroidery sign at back pocket that give it a great look. 

* Shoes are from Kmart. super comfortable...

Photograph By Cookie Fried

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Chanel Cruise 2013

Chanel Cruise is one of my favourite show in the season, because i love the light colour, gentle texture and its more of street style.

Love the hair, love the make up, love the colors theme and jewellery are way to die for....very country, antique style. Great combination of casual style with the Haute Couture flavour....xoxo love it

       I love watching Karl interview

and enjoy the show

Monday, 14 May 2012

A dream for Exotic piece

         For the 20th anniversary, Christian Louboutin give us a new piece of art base on his iconic piece  "Artemis".

        This bag is made Green Python with silver hardware, and specially with multi-colours feathers on handle strap.(detachable)

        I haven't own any CL bag but for a piece like this, i happy to have it in my dream. its worth nearly 5300 British Pounds.
        Just look at soft,shiny python skin and the attraction of colourful feathers and specially just like his shoes all had red sole, his bag had signature red lining too. I don't think anyone can resist from this Exotic item...


Sunday, 13 May 2012


    Shirt, shirts, shirtssssss.
   How many shirts you need in your wardrobe???
when we talk about shirts, I can't describe how much I love my shirts. for me my favorite piece always a shirt, from XXS-XXXXL shirts i can wear them all and style them differently


          For this casual look, i wore my light pink Ralph Lauren thick cotton shirt, so its good for a little chill day as well as breathable warm day. This pink shirt is size S, so its a little big on me which I love the loose fitting (the most comfy ever), I couldn't remember when did I get this shirt (may be ages ago) but I do wear it occasionally.

Black jeans also my favourite as well, this pair are Gstar. I used to work in Gstar and I got this pair for free which was part of uniform, its size 28 (which is smallest size for men in Gstar collection) and its way too big for me, however I turn it into "boyfriend Jeans Look" to give it extra comfort with my lose fitting shirt. also i always wear belt as "GLUE ON" accessory to make sure those jeans don't fail off when i walk on street, also the white leather belt is give a contrast between the pink shirt and black jeans.

Also accessories are always needed:

I love my green clutch which combine as wallet and small bag, so I can put my ID, Bank cards, phone, lip balm and lots of stuff.
this clutch made of pony hair and leather combine which i got in Italian Designer Leathers

 Also watch is something that I never go without, this watch is Eco Drive Citizen,with Croc Printed leather band, I got this watch ages ago when I first start to work in Jewellery Store. Its classic, never run out of battery, so for the next decade, it will never run out of style and battery (what else can be better than Eco Drive?)

And the blue bracelet is technically is a Belt, which i got from Witchery, i like to play with leathers so i turn this belt into bracelet because it had a lots of studded on , and also it too thin to use as a belt.

Furthermore, my shiny gold shoes( I love gold, silver, bronze, flashy things) are from Soles which i got it on sale for $50. The upper Gold is textile, leather lining so i don't get hurt when wearing it, and i got this pair in size 40 because they run out sizes ( my size is 39 ladies shoes,40 men, but i normally buy size 38 because I got mentally thought that smaller shoes will fit better, look better and make my catwalk more PRO, even tho its so painful, well no pain no gain, lol)

Well, on last thing that I'm so happy to collect is my Limited Edition Ray-Ban Wayfarer, its made base on original wayfarer on 1952, its feature 18carat white gold. My best friends used to chips in apart of this sunny for my birthday present, I wear lot out of this glasses so I think it was worth every penny..

Photograph by Cookie Fried
and pics taken at Melbourne CBD