Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Weekend in Lakes Entrance

        I had a chance to get away to Lakes Entrance in weekend and I visited one of the beautiful National Treasure that was Fairy Cave.


          My first priority was comfortable because I was a driver for whole day long. So I chose Pink track pants from Bonds( Pink is one of my favourite colour, LOL). The fabric of this pants was absolutely soft and gentle, the cut were loose to gave me 100 % comfortable. However later on, I were changed to black jeans because I have to get down to wet and cold Fairy Cave


          T-shirt were from Off Ya Tree(it was a Punk's store). It was just simple black short sleeves T-shirt with pink skull print

         Jumper from my mother, she got it for years but didn't wear it. so I just simply re-constructed by cut sleeves shorter, neckline and front hem.

  Shoes from Gucci, I love everything that gold or silver. So I had to bought when I first seen them in store.

       LOVE rings from Louissa, just gold plated costume jewellery but I love the idea of those rings. (apparently they didn't fit me right but the unique of them that I can wear them half way of my fingers, even better huh..)
  Also the Globe ring from ASOS

      Gold watch from Pierre Cardin, I got it from Bevilles Jeweller, the crystals were engraved fully on the watch that allow me for extra bling-bling.

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