Sunday, 23 December 2012



        La vie en rose is my favourite song from legendary Edith Piaf. It meant Life in Pink, every times I listen, I felt so peaceful and make my artistic mind bright up with happiness. It it told me everything about life that beautiful, romantic and happy. Also my personality is quite pink that influenced me to do those photos at Lake Entrance and wear everything in Pink, Pink from head to toes. 
        Some pictures were at the beach, some at the country farm and specially some photos at the bush after big fire. It was a beautiful place that got fire the day before that all the the burned trees were cover in black dust, I wore my sandals for very first time and it was ruin , my clothes were so messy and dirty. However I'm so happy with those photos and hope everyone will like it too.
       Once again, inspired by this song that I think my life is pink and I look at everything in my life in pink. So this time I put the whole outfit together in pink, also mix up with some other colours accessories and some exotic diamonds jewellery.

Pink Shirt : Tommy Hilfiger
Pink Vest : Sample
Pink Jeans : Factory
Pink + Black bow tie: Valentino
Pink Ceramic Watch : Citizen Eco Drive
Pink Belt : Market in London
Diamond Rose Ring : Bevilles Jewller
Pinky Finger Ring : Made by Order
Tan Sandals : Celiné
Sunglasses : Ray Band

Photograph by Hang To

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