Monday, 18 March 2013

Blending those colours.

Red is my favourite colour and Black is not so my favourite colour at all. However, when I mix those two colours together, they are blending to each other. This time I chose outfit from ASOS which is red slim fit trouser and Black shirt. One thing I like about this shirt is just like other normal shirt at the front bodice but the different is at the back that see through with sheer chiffon fabric. Also to add little edgy for this look I have very spiky studded boots from Betts, to tell the truth those shoes are so spiky and sharp that I poke my hand to bleed when I tried to take it off, but I love them anyway. For accessories I have colourful bangles that made out of alligator skin that I bought in Crocodile farm overseas. Last but not least are my hand made sunglasses from RETRO SUPER FUTURE and Limited Edition Sterling Silver rings are from Bevilles jeweller

Also to give credit to my photographers, I usually work with Cookie Fried but this time I have Ken Lam who was very first time to work as photographer. We had 2 cameras and I have to say this is the hardest thing I ever done that working with 2 cameras at the same time because I had no idea which camera to look at. However my photographers did gave me ideas and opinion to help me to get good shots.

Black shirt : ASOS
Red Trouser : ASOS
Studded boots : Betts
Colours alligator bangles: hand made
Silver rings: Bevilles Jewller

Photgraph by Cookie Fried and Ken Lam

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