Saturday, 2 June 2012

My warm jump suit

          I were plan to go to Tasmania and everyone told me that Tasmania is very cold. So I made for myself a jumpsuit to keep me warm and also comfortable to be on the flight.

       This jumpsuit that I design, pattern making and sewing.  Fabric is 90% wool and 10%poly ( so it stretchy).

  I love this jumpsuit so much, it kept me warm in Tasmania weather and I think this will be my favourite piece for this winter.

     Also the other piece that I made for this trip was the M cap...Obviously that M is stand for my name MICKEY...


     Gingham shirt from Saxony

 Limited Edition Black/Silver sequins shoes from Adidas


     Sunglasses from Yves Saint Laurent.

        Specially one of my favourite leather jacket from CAMILLA  AND  MARC, this jacket unique feature were 8 flashy gold metal buckles hanging at the front( quite heavy to wear but keep me warm).
      I love the soft leather,the genuine leather always smell so good. It wasn't a smooth version leather, it was a wrinkle leather that give the rough rock & roll look. Every stitch were neat and it's fit me perfectly on the shoulder.

Photographers: Tien Nguyen, Hang To and Ken Lam

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