Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wrap up well at forest air walk

       Big, thick scarf is always my favourite piece to wear in cold and wet weather. The secret about this scarf that I found it in vintage store and it was actually baby blanket. At first I didn't think to purchase this baby blanket at all because I weren't sure what to do with it. However bright orange & yellow on this piece was popping in my eyes and convinced that I will need for some purpose. So I have to have it and it were super warm.


      Tailor jacket custom made by me. It were short at the front and long at the back. Personally, when  I made something, I will considering most about the quality because it will determine for the whole look. I don't mind to pay top price for fine fabric because I like my piece to last long, feel and look good. Fabric contain 70% wool and 30% silk and lining is 100% silk. Also I embellished it with metal gold buttons.

Stones washed denim by G-star

Long jacket by BITTE KAI RAND, seriously I don't really know much about this brand but I like the quality of hand craftsman, the fabric (100% wool) and the pattern construction.
Long sleeve T-shirt by Industrie and Peace sign Tank top by Supre'.

Sequins sneakers by Adidas

Photograph by Tien Nguyen, Hang To and Ken Lam

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