Wednesday, 12 September 2012


       Those pictures were captured  at one amazing abandon factory in Melbourne, this place was half collapsed and it's quite dangerous to walked around. We were so frustrated and scared to touch any corner of this building that  matter of fact we didn't want any drama to occur. At the beginning when we walked into this place, I had little accident that I stepped on a sharp nail. It went through my shoe and point straight through my foot, I was bleed badly and non-stop, we were thinking to cancel the shoot because I have to go to hospital. However, my friendly photographer's turn out to be my nurse who took care for my injury. So the shoot was continued to go on and I was posed IN PAIN. Hoping that everyone like it.

 A navy wool coat with studded sleeves that I purchased from ZARA in London, the fabric of this coat were so soft that make me think about cashmere and  the special feature are many little studs that placed nicely on sleeves. Also uniquely about this coat have really high collar that give me stylish look and  keep me warm in winter.
     Tuxedo pants from WAYNE COOPER, it fitted me perfectly on the waist and length ( No alteration required)
      Painted shoes from TOP SHOP (first time wear it and ruin by a sharp nail)
     Clutch by ASOS, nicely made, tan colour easy to wear, suitable for most outfits and the size & shape of this clutch is simply ever lasting style.
      Sunglasses : VERSACE

 Photograph by Cookie Fried.

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