Wednesday, 31 October 2012


          Well, so once again Halloween is back to town. It is so fun to do some dress up and play little characteristic. 
        Every year I always have back up plan as if I don't have any outfit to wear, I will wearing black kinky latex bodysuit like everyone else( just kidding LOL). However thanks God this year I have enough time to do something fun, fresh and fierce costume.
        This costume is made of 50% of white fabric and 50% of butcher paper and took me 5 hours to made it. As my inspiration is Dandelion flower, very nice, gentle, soft, fluffy and delicate, just simple light wind can whisk all the fluffy petals away. Therefore I used butcher paper to represent all the fluffy petals that can flying with my movements or when wind blows. However with my white outfit, it doesn't mean that I will play the "Good Character". I have to be VILLAIN  so I got my dark make up done to make more like a demon from the inside and angel on the outside...

So not all villain are scary and freaky on the outside.....

Photograph by Cookie Fried

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